The Legacy of Duke Nukem 3D

With the release of Duke Nukem Forever portraying the Duke Nukem of today, it’s always good to go back and reminisce about the Duke that was. Here’s a jump to the past with a Duke Nukem 3D retrospective and how this game forged Duke’s iconic status.  


Duke Nukem Forever: The Long Road to the Mac

The infamous Duke Nukem Forever was a game that no one thought would ever be released. But, lo and behold, the great Duke Nukem finally graced our gaming experience with his presence and will be arriving on the Mac in just over a month. However, as everyone probably knows, it …

Duke Nukem Forever Mac banner

Duke Nukem Forever Coming to the Mac

Hail to the King, baby! Duke Nukem is back in Duke Nukem Forever and he’s not here to dazzle your ass. He’s here to kick some ass! Duke Nukem Style. He’s crude. He’s boorish. He’s offensive. And he’s a womanizing egocentric son-of-a-gun. BUT THAT’S HOW WE LIKE OUR DUKE. Sometimes …

Play more video games! Do less crime!

Weekly Flashback!: Games REDUCE Crime and TF2 is Now Free?!

Apple and Apple Related Gaming Stories Thunderbolt iMacs may finally put PC towers into retirement. Apple Final Cut is cut! Not to fear though, it’s being replaced with Final Cut Pro. Facebook is making a move to capture the iOS audience. Bungie is coming back to Apple with Bungie Mobile. …


Adventuring with Adventure Games

Come around let us hearken back to the age of point-and-click adventure games. Where gameplay was not necessarily the driving factor for the game, but the mystery of the story and the complexity of the puzzles. My, how far adventure gaming has come since then.

Apple Airplay

Console Gaming with Apple?

With the announcement of the Nintendo Wii U and the whole dual-screen-console-gaming bit, you’d think that it’s a pretty novel idea? Well, believe it or not, Nintendo wasn’t the only one with that idea.