This blurry image might be our first look at an iPhone 5

Weekly Flashback!: iPhone 5 Edition

Apple and Apple Related Gaming News AT&T is reportedly prepping their staff for the iPhone 5 launch. Is this the first look at Apple’s iPhone 5? The iPhone is kicking ass in the world market share with sales jumping 142%. How odd. The prices of top iPhone games keep dropping. …


Duke Nukem Forever: History of a Legend

Gather around the warm glow of your computer screens and listen to the words of various developers that worked on Duke Nukem Forever as they share their experiences with the Duke Nukem franchise in a 4 part episodic series.


Mac Vs. PC: Where Do You Fit In?

Here’s a couple of fun infographics passed down to me from our community manager Russ about the age-old battle between Mac Users and PC Users. They correlate personality traits with your preferred choice of computing device. Where do you fit in?

Wait...What the?!

Advertising in Games: Intruding Into Your Experience

So a couple of weeks back, I’m sitting there playing Dead Rising 2, and while I’m going about humiliating all the zombies with the various means available to me, I ran past one of those mini-billboards/signs that you usually see in malls and had to do a double take. Right …

This is not a real Apple store, nor is that a real genius

Weekly Flashback!: Oh, China…Tsk Tsk

Apple and Apple Related Gaming News The Chinese counterfeit many things and apparently an entire Apple store is not beyond their capabilities. Apple’s board of directors are starting give thought to the next CEO of Apple RIP Macbook. Apple has phased out the white Macbook in favor of the Macbook …


9 Reasons to Play Duke Nukem Forever

With the release of Duke Nukem Forever on the Mac drawing nearer and nearer, some of you may need a bit of convincing to play. Here’s nine reasons to jump into the action-packed, first-person-shooter that is Duke Nukem Forever.

Mac OS X Lion banner

Lion Launch Sale!

As you may have heard, the newest Mac OS X Lion launched today.  And because we totally love the Mac, we’re going to use that as an excuse to slash some prices, Lion style (like lion claws–get it?). Running from RIGHT NOW through the end of July, any of our games …


The Good of Gaming

Video games are notorious for getting the short end of the stick in the media because the perceived negative effects generally get more coverage (even if the effects are unsubstantiated). But if you didn’t know any better, you’d assume all people who play games would turn into murderers, rapists, or thieves. …


Weekly Flashback!: Old Rivals Edition

Apple and Apple Related Gaming News Microsoft is going to take on Apple by opening 75 more retail stores. See if any show up near you. Apple may soon have 1080p movie services soon. New models of the Macbook Air are bringing back the backlight keyboards. Huzzah! While on the topic …