Civilization V Mac box art

Civilization V Mac Gets Cross-Platform Multiplayer, New DLC

The time has come!  After much demand, Civilization V players now have the ability to play cross-platform multiplayer! The latest patch (, which will be live shortly if it’s not already, not only brings the cross-platform multiplayer goodness, but also a whole host of other changes and improvements as well. …

Love Apple Computing

Weekly Flashback!: Apple Computers Are Just the Best

Apple computing ruled the headlines this week, and for good reason–they’re amazing! Apple and Apple-Related Gaming News Transgaming sat down with Inside Mac Games to discuss some upcoming projects. Shooters aren’t just for the mouse and keyboard! GamePro looks at the 10 Best iPhone Shooters. Surprise! Apple stock is UP …

Quicksave at GameAgent

Quicksave: YOUR Votes Determine the Price of Your Favorite Game!

We’re getting a little experimental at the GameAgent Store this weekend with some heavy ties to an on-going Facebook poll.  The question at hand?  Choose the game you want to see discounted the most! Civilization III: Complete (Mac) Civilization IV (Mac) Civilization IV: Complete (Mac) Civilization V (Mac) Civilization V …

Feral Interactive logo

Weekly Flashback!: Those Feral Guys Are Busy

We cap the week off with the news that the boys and girls at Feral Interactive are busy (TWO major game announcements in ONE week?!?). Looking at their track record, though, I guess it’s not really news after all? Apple and Apple-Related Gaming News Feral Interactive drops bomb #1 that …

Civilization V Mac boxshot

Civilization V Mac Gets a New Low Price

Hot on the heels of a MASSIVE 75% off discount across multiple platforms and outlets, Sid Meier’s Civilization V (Mac) can now be found at an all new low price of $29.99!  This price point provides an unprecedented value for one of the greatest strategy games of all time. Also, don’t forget–when …

Civilization IV Mac App icon

Civilization IV now available on Mac App Store

Hey, Civ Fanatics, great news–Civilization IV, one of the greatest Civilization games of all time, is now available on the Mac App Store!  The game comes fully-featured so you can enjoy the full Civ IV experience.  Hit the jump to get a full rundown of the game description and features!