5 Deadly Combos to Snuff out Splicers

written by Jas Kao on March 30, 2012 in Tips, Tricks, and Guides

For many of you, I’m sure this is not your first time visiting the underwater city of Rapture. But for those of you who are new to the dangers that Rapture has to offer in Bioshock 2 Mac, here’s a helpful guide for plasmid/weapon combos to get you prepared to survive the challenges you will face as you traverse the rusting airlocks and leaky corridors of the once great city of Rapture.

Welcome to Rapture.

Combination #1: Incinerate! + Electro Bolt

This is more of a situational combination but if you happen to be around some water and want to save some ammo, this combo provides quite a bit of entertainment.

Use Incinerate on a splicer and once aflame they will generally run around and try to get to the source of water to put themselves out. When that happens, that’s when your handy-dandy Electro Shock comes into play. Hit the water with your Electro Shock and soon enough you’ll have some fried splicer soup.


Machine Gun not in picture.

Combination #2: Insect Swarm + Machine Gun

Using Insect Swarm and the machine gun in combination can take down all splicers and in some cases, Big Daddies too.

Send the swarm from your fingertips and watch as it distracts the splicers from attacking solely you. While they are distracted and flailing about with the bees attacking them, unload your machine gun on them and watch as they fall from the combined damage of bullets and bee stings. Don’t forget to upgrade Insect Swarm so you can attack more enemies at a time as well as turn their dead bodies into an Insect Swarm trap where if another splicer stumbles over the dead body of a bee-slain splicer, more bees will erupt from the body to attack more splicers.


Combination #3: Electro Bolt + Shotgun

This combo is more for an up-close and personal encounter.

Hitting an enemy with an Electro Bolt will generally stun them. While they are stunned and doing the electric boogalo, get in close and fire off buckshots right into their face. You’ll take down most enemies pretty easily if you can land the stun and all your buckshot rounds.


Combination #4: Winter Blast  + Drill with Drill Dash

Now if you really want to get up-close and personal. This is the combo for you.

Just about EVERYTHING can be felled by Winter Blast and Drill Dash. It’s a pretty simple process. Just freeze them and then use the Drill Dash on them. The sheer amount of damage dealt from the Drill is unmatched and the amount of time an enemy stays frozen is pretty long, which of course let’s you drill as many holes in them as you want.


Combination #5: Telekinesis + ANY OBJECT

Now if you somehow found yourself with no ammo but plenty of EVE hypos in your inventory have no fear. While this isn’t the most effective of combinations, it will definitely save you a ton of ammo while giving you quite the show.

Basically what you do is use Telekinesis on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING  that isn’t bolted down (this includes bodies as well) and throw them at whoever or whatever has beef with you. While it certainly will take a long time to kill the heavy hitters like Big Daddies and Big Sisters this way, the sheer amount of entertainment from this will have you giggling like a schoolgirl.

Now these combinations are by no means the only ones you should use. There are still five other plasmids and five other weapons that I did not mention, all with varying effects. Play around and find out what works best and is the most fun for you.

If you’re a returning tourist to Rapture or already have played Bioshock 2 and have a favorite plasmid/weapon combo, share them in the comments!

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