6 Game-Changing Mac Expansions and DLC

written by Russ Looney on February 1, 2016 in Special Feature

Game changing DLC

Mac gamers love great interactive experiences, and those adventures can be even better with compelling DLC and expansion packs. Good expansion packs not only add new levels, but they also introduce new and exciting gameplay, resulting in many more hours of fun and amazing added value to the game. This list includes some of the most highly regarded games and their add-ons that enhance the Mac gaming experience.

1. Gods & Kings, Brave New World (Civilization V)

Civilization V

Sid Meier’s Civilization series is legendary to fans of the 4X genre, and Firaxis Games continues its great legacy with Civilization V. So how can a game developer make one of the most beloved strategy games on the Mac even better? They double the amount of civilizations the player can control, massively increase buildings, overhaul the combat system and increase the gameplay depth by adding diplomacy and religion. The Gods & Kings expansion for Civilization V does about half of this, adding on the new features and nine new civilizations. Brave New World finishes the job by adding on another nine cultures, further refining and expanding on the previous expansion’s new game play features. Both expansions pretty much double the core Civ V game, offering players tons of replay value.

2. Burial at Sea, Episodes One & Two (BioShock Infinite)

BioShock Infinite logo

The BioShock series has always delivered not only a stunning and immersive world, but also deep and enjoyable first-person shooter gameplay. BioShock Infinite ups the ante with multiple media outlets praising its story and gameplay, calling the game a masterpiece. Mac gamers get to enjoy this game even more with the DLC packs Burial at Sea, which is split into two episodes. These DLC episodes allow gamers to explore even more of the BioShock world and include areas that link the stories of the first two games. Because each game takes place at a different time in BioShock‘s alternate reality, this offers long-time players both nostalgia and a more enthralling story. Additional gameplay features were added to allow for more weapons and a special mode that challenges the player to complete the game using only stealth and non-lethal attacks. The Burial At Sea episodes really do extend the life of this great game.

3. XCOM: Enemy Within (XCOM: Enemy Unknown)

XCOM Enemy Unknown logo

Firaxis Games’ XCOM series continues their leadership in turn-based strategy games by adding science fiction to the mix. XCOM: Enemy Unknown offers up addictive strategic game play in which players defend the earth from technologically advanced aliens with an elite special forces squad. Things get even better with the expansion pack XCOM: Enemy Within, which adds on many new and valuable features to the game. Enemy Within offers Mac gamers the ability to further enjoy the world of XCOM with the addition of multiple story expansion missions, 47 new single-player maps, eight new multi-player maps, expanded alien robot units and brand new game play elements which further develop the human modification aspect of the game. Between all the new levels and expanded gameplay, Enemy Within really is an amazing value.

4. Reaper of Souls (Diablo III)

Diablo III logo

Blizzard has become almost synonymous with computer gaming thanks to their World of Warcraft (WoW) series; however, there is a darker side to them. Diablo III offers players a dark fantasy world filled with monsters and dungeons, and the expansion pack Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expands the loot-drop game play with the brand new Adventure Mode, which allows players to explore the game world on special missions and randomized dungeons adding basically unlimited replay value. A new non-playable character named Mystic was added, enhancing the item enchantment and modification game play. Another new character, Kadala, adds gambling to the game play in addition to more item shopping options in-game.

5. Cities of Tomorrow (SimCity)

SimCity logo

Maxis’ SimCity is a Mac game that will keep you playing until the sun came up. The legendary city building game now includes multiplayer and the most intricate simulation systems ever in the series. Couple that with beautiful graphics and you’ve got plenty to praise. Things get even better with the Cities of Tomorrow expansion which adds on new structures and technology to your city. Hours of gameplay are added as you can now build multi-purpose MegaTowers, the high-tech Academy, and the industrialized OmegaCo. Each of these new structures effect your cities technology and economy offering more complexity to SimCity, and ultimately more replay value.

6. Season Pass, Crew Expendable, Last Survivor (Alien: Isolation)

Alien Isolation logo

Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation brought a high quality first-person shooter action-adventure experience to gamers everywhere. Mac gamers can expand the survival horror action game play with various DLC packs, such as the “Season Pass,” which adds on five brand new survival missions, including new maps, time-based challenges and a new mode called Salvage Mode, featuring a map twice the size of previous maps. The Crew Expendable DLC adds on three new characters, including the iconic Ellen Ripley from the first Alien film, and finally, Last Survivor gives players another mission, now with Ellen Ripley, which challenges them to escape the self-destructing ship on a shuttle craft. With so many DLC options, it is really possible for players to extend the life of Alien: Isolation far beyond the core game.