8 Great Games That Feature Mac-to-PC Multiplayer

written by AWarner on January 11, 2012 in Buyer's Guide and Special Feature

We know you love annihilating your loved ones and friends (through video games of course). But just because one of you favors Mac over a PC doesn’t mean you should miss out on the epic battles that are waiting for you.

There are an increasing number of games that feature cross-platform multiplayer, which means that you can use your Mac to play your friends who use a Mac or PC.  Below is a list of some of the best that cross-platform multiplayer has to offer.

  • Published by Aspyr Media, Sid Meier’s Civilization V is a turn-based strategy title that lets players conquer surrounding territories with the hopes of becoming the ultimate and superior empire. Though the cross-platform multiplayer is currently on hiatus until the latest patch hits Macs in early February, Civ V is still a top-tier game that allows you to defeat your friends on both Mac and PC.
  • Madballs in Babo: Invasion, which features up to 16 players in multiplayer, challenges you to make your way through a 3D environment, decimating your friends along the way. Madballs is published by Playbrains and is available on both Mac and PC through Steam.
  • Published by Nimbly Games, Altitude is a unique, side-scrolling aerial combat title.  You’ll fly through obstacles in the sky while shooting down your enemies, and can play with your friends on Mac or PC using Steam.
  • Killing Floor is a co-op survival horror FPS set in the devastated cities and countryside of England after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly wrong.  The title, published by Tripwire Interactive, allows up to 6 players to battle through hordes of flesh-craving zombies and is available through Steam on PC and Mac.
  • Guerrilla Bob, published by Angry Mob Games,  is a one-of-a-kind, fast-paced shooter with a cartoon art style that allows players to fight and loot enemies for weapon upgrades and power ups. Available on a variety of platforms (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android), friends can play together via a local Wi-Fi connection.

As founders of the Steam gaming platform, Valve Software naturally has made many of their games available for cross-platform gaming, too. Some of their titles include:

  • Portal 2, which allows you to play as a robot in a futuristic environment, has players solving puzzles cooperatively to move through portals in this action-adventure title. Portal 2 is particularly unique in that the cross-platform multiplayer  is available for Macs, PCs and the PS3.
  • Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, are survivor thriller first person shooter titles that challenge players to band together to fight off a zombie outbreak. L4D and L4D2 can be played on Mac, PC and Xbox, though the game is only cross-platform on Mac and PC.
  • Team Fortress 2 is a free-to-play, team-based title in which teams battle it out against each other by customizing and upgrading their characters. Team Fortress 2 multiplayer is available for Mac and PC through Steam.


Mac lovers and PC lovers alike can look forward to the new year with some impressive titles set to be released this year with the availability of cross-platform multiplayer.

  • Valve Software is set to release Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sometime in 2012, though the date is still not officially released. Like the original Counter-Strike, CS:GO is a team-based shooter that has been revamped with new characters, levels and graphics. While the beta version was only open to PC players, Counter-Strike’s website states that a full Mac release will be available during the launch of the game.
  • Those of you that are already addicted to Blizzard’s behemoth MMO World of Warcraft should already know that Mac and PC can play in harmony through Blizzard’s battle.net. The 4th WOW expansion, Mists of Pandaria, is rumored to be released summer 2012.
  • Another long-awaited game that is releasing this year is Diablo III, also brought to you by Blizzard. This dark fantasy RPG has been a long time coming with a large fan-base already in place. While no official release date has been posted, Diablo’s website does give word that Mac and PC versions will be released simultaneously with the ability for cross-platform multiplayer using Blizzard’s battle.net.

So get your friends online and start gaming without the worry of being left behind just because they have a different computer platform.

Did we leave out your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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