Call for Comments: Is the State of Mac Gaming Improving?

written by Russ Looney on January 29, 2013 in Call for Comments

Aspyr Media games

Mac gaming is getting some press attention these days.  IGN recently took some time to look at issues facing Mac games, with the main criticisms being the delay in games released on the Mac and the perceived lack of support from Apple on the hardware and marketing side.  

While the Apple brand continues to grow in popularity, thanks to the iPhone and iPad, Mac gamers are still frequently forced to wait upwards of two years for major games to arrive on their machines. And despite increasing similarities in regards to hardware, one has to wonder if the Mac will ever stand shoulder to shoulder with its Windows-based counterpart. What’s holding these otherwise lauded machines behind?

However, as discussed in a recent interview with 9to5Mac, Aspyr feels this is improving quite a bit.  

Civilization V was within 2 months, Borderlands 2 was within 2 months, Duke Nukem Forever was within weeks, Rage within 2 months, and we released the Civilization V: Gods and Kings expansion day-and-date worldwide on both Steam and the Mac App Store. I’m proud of how we’ve been able to respond with timely Mac versions despite growing difficulties technically. If it’s a common goal of the developer, license holder and Aspyr, then shipping simultaneously is an option.

[Plus,] Our relationship with Apple is at an all-time high. The emergence of the Mac App Store has given us the opportunity to engage more deeply regarding our roadmap, ideas, successes and hurdles. … The people we work with at Apple have enthusiasm and support for what we do, and our success helps bring more awareness of Mac gaming within Apple.

We want to hear what you think! Do you feel Mac gaming is improving?