Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Survival Guide

written by Jas Kao on September 28, 2012 in Special Feature and Tips, Tricks, and Guides

Thursday saw the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Mac. To many the frenzied multiplayer of this incredible game is brand new. For those of you that need an edge on veteran players waiting to frag any n00bs in a heartbeat, GameAgent has put together a multiplayer strategy guide to help you get a leg up on the competition.

Combat Training

If you’re brand spanking new to the game, Combat Training will be your best friend before you make the jump into multiplayer with real people.

Combat Training essentially provides all the features of online multiplayer play such as leveling, unlocks, money, etc. except for one thing: people. This is a godsend because it allows you to select a map and play with bots. It’s a great way to learn the maps, the feel of the weapons, or which perks will work best for you. Also, don’t think playing against bots will be a walk in the park because you can set their skill level and they use some decent tactics in-game. Cripes, some of these bots play better than actual people! Train up and figure out what kind of player you are in combat training. This is also the best place to perfect and retool your loadouts. For those of you just starting out, loadouts are classes that a player picks at the beginning of a multiplayer match. Choose classes that reflect your play style, whether that is on the defensive with Flak Jacket Pro type configurations or more offensive with Warlord settings. Play around with it until you find a balance that works for you. It’s important to understand the advantages of each type of loadout for different situations before jumping into an actual game with real people.

Use Teamwork

Don’t be THAT guy. You know that guy who just runs around doing whatever the hell he wants for points and dies a billion times because of it. Unless you are a pro, you should be using teamwork with everyone on your side. Communicate with your teammates and don’t all pick the same killstreaks. For instance, someone using the spy plane will reveal targets on the map which other killstreaks can take advantage of like mortar or napalm strikes. Plus, letting your teammates know where all the enemies are is helpful.

In fact, Black Ops is more generous in doling out experience points for team-based actions so it works out in your favor. Additionally, being a part of the winning team that goes on a victory streak as opposed to the #1 player of the game will in all likelihood level you up faster than being a one-man army.

Don’t be Rambo

While at times it’ll seem like you’re an unstoppable force just mowing people down with machine gun fire, don’t become a Rambo and get cocky. Remember, running into a room, hallway, or around corners without at least some sense of caution is bad strategy in almost ANY mode of play. Willy-nilly running around a map is a surefire way to get you killed fast and repeatedly.

Watch out turning those corners

Dangers lurk around every corner, so take it easy and look down your sights as you move. People love to camp in certain places and they love to kill the foolhardy who run senselessly around the map. Being a bit more cautious will give you an edge because you’ll be ready to open fire if something looks off. The only time you should be running around is when you’re in the open. Any other time, caution is key.

Learn from Your Deaths

There are kill cams for a reason in some of the game types.

Review them and learn from them.

The kill cam will give you a relative position or area they are at or patrolling so you can come up with a strategy to flank them. If I had a quarter for every time I’ve seen a teammate die at the hands of the same person in the same area with the same method. Those who do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

Plus, while waiting to respawn you can cycle through the viewpoints of your allies to get a the lay of the land when you do rejoin the battle.

Have Multiple Loadouts

You’re going to be faced with multiple situations in the different game modes that Black Ops has to offer. And some class loadouts will be better suited to those modes than others. A good piece of advice is to make a class that you’re going to love playing with then make a class that is the same in all aspects except for minor changes in the perks area.

Flack Jacket Pro is nice, but don’t forget about Hacker Pro and Warlord!

Basically, this will help if you happen to find yourself in a game where enemies are lobbing grenades left-and-right and you can’t take a step without getting blown up by a claymore. You can then change to the loadout that has a Flak Jacket so you’re not constantly being blown up. Having multiple classes for certain situations will help you stay competitive and save time.


Hopefully, with these tips and some practice, your game will improve and your life expectancy in-game is now a bit longer.

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If you’ve got any more tips to share with your fellow Black Ops warriors, share them in the comments!