Civilization V Gandhi jerk

Why You Should Fear Gandhi in Civilization Games

Have you ever played a game of Civilization V (or any of the older numbered versions), only to have the continent you’re trying to conquer completely annihilated by the “supposed pacifist” Gandhi and a fleet of nuclear missiles? That’s not by accident (or, at least, not any more…). A new …

BioShock Infinite

The Best of Mac Gaming in 2013

2013 was quite a prolific year for Mac gaming. There were roughly about 250 Steam/Steam Play releases, including DLC’s. Granted, not every game is on Steam (there were a few Mac App Store exclusives such as SEGA Tennis and Sonic Racing), but it is still a good metric since the …

Force unleashed

Top 12 Moments in Star Wars Gaming

May is basically Star Wars month if you really think about it. Every single one of the Star Wars movies were released in the month of May. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was released on May 25, 1977; Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back was released …


5 Advantages of Being an Apple Gamer

In a world where PC and consoles seem to dominate the gaming industry, one has to wonder as to why anyone would ever choose to play their games on an Apple computer? Well, simply put, there are actually a few distinct advantages to gaming with a Mac.


Top 8 PR Disasters in Gaming pt. 2

Here’s part two of the top 8 PR Disasters in gaming history. Some of the handling of these fiascos are cringe worthy and mind blowing at how out-of-touch some companies can be with their consumer base. Indulge in your sense of schadenfreude (the pleasure one gets from viewing the misfortune …


Top 8 PR Disasters in Gaming pt. 1

Not every game company is perfect and we can forgive that sometimes, BUT every now and then a gaming company will fail so horribly in their handling of their PR that it becomes similar to a train wreck: you simply can’t look away from the mess. Throughout the years, there …


The 8 Most Romantic Couples in Gaming

With the smell of flowers wafting in and out of every doorway and the sheer impossibility of getting a table at a restaurant, it can only mean that today is Valentine’s Day! Cupid is working his magic all over the place so with all the love in the air let’s …