Civilization V: Gods & Kings Mac Launches Today!

written by JMatula on June 19, 2012 in Mac Gaming News


Dust off your emperor’s robes and prepare to conquer the world all over again…

Civilization V: Gods and Kings is now available on the Mac!

This is the first full-fledged expansion to the 2011 Mac “Game of the Year” Civilization V and it’s filled to the brim with new and intriguing gameplay mechanics. Create a more complex and detailed play experience than ever before! This release is launched day and date with the PC version, so you’re getting brand new to the world content.


  • Expanded experience:  addition of new technologies, 27 new units, 13 new buildings, and 9 new Wonders, including including Neuschwanstein, the Great Mosque of Djenne, the Terracotta Army, the Great Firewall, and the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Religion: A righteous people will seek out Faith to found a Pantheon of the Gods. As your Faith becomes stronger, you can cultivate Great Prophets who build on these simple beliefs to create a religion that you can customize and enhance as desired. Beliefs can even unlock custom buildings that only people of your religion can construct.
  • Enhanced Diplomacy and Espionage: Establish embassies at foreign courts for closer ties or send spies to steal information and technology!
  • Naval Combat: Your navy is now split into two different ship types, melee and ranged. This means that no coastal city should be considered safe, and can now fall to a surprise naval attack.
  • World Domination: Battles more dynamic than ever before with a reworked combat system and AI that puts more emphasis on a balanced army composition.

New Civilizations

Civilization Leader Unique 1 Unique 2 Ability
Austria Maria Theresa Hussar Coffee House Diplomatic Marriage
Byzantium Theodora Cataphract Dromon Patriarchate of Constantinople
Carthage Dido African Forest Elephant Quinquireme Phoenician Heritage
Celtica Boudicca Pictish Warrior Ceilidh Hall Druidic Lore
Ethiopia Haile Selassie Mehal Sefari Stele Spirit of Adwa
Huns Attila Horse Archer Battering Ram Scourge of God
Maya Pacal Atlatlist Pyramid The Long Count
Netherlands William I Sea Beggar Polder Dutch East India Company
Sweden Gustavus Adolphus Hakkapeliitta Carolean Nobel Prize

New Scenarios

Enjoy three fascinating new scenarios:

You’ve got the whole world in your hands…and a lot more with this expansion. Build the world and civilizations to shape your ideals. With so many new gameplay options of Gods & Kings added to an already rich and in-depth game, this has nearly limitless reply value. So many variations of cultures, beliefs and strategies to take very few games will turn out the same.

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