Company of Heroes (Mac): Campaign Edition Easter Eggs

written by Jas Kao on March 12, 2012 in Special Feature and Tips, Tricks, and Guides

Company of Heroes easter eggs are few and far between but there are a couple so we, at GameAgent, figured you guys might get a kick out of the few that were found. Some of them were pretty out there. However, if you guys happen to know of any more easter eggs in Company of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition for the Mac then we’d love to hear about it. Share them with your fellow Mac gamers in the comments.

Relic Entertainment has No Love for EA

When playing the Allies, take a closer look at your jeeps. You’ll see a seemingly random assortment of letter on the hood of the jeep which are 3A5UX5. This is actually “leet (1337)” speak for those of you who don’t know which is a popular internet slang language where they replace letters with numbers and form words with them. The message conveyed it simply “EA Sucks.” One has to wonder what drew the scorn of Company of Heroes’ developers.


The Game Name in the Game

Also while playing as the allies, inspect your M2 105mm Howitzer or the machine gun nest closely. You’ll find that the developers inserted the COH acronym written on the armor unit or building somewhere. The game’s name in the game! NAME-CEPTION!

Hilarious Unit Chatter

Ever got so bored while playing real-time strategy games that you just start clicking the crap out of units just to see what they say? Lots of strategy games actually reward you for such idle behavior (Starcraft and Warcraft being one of the first examples that pop into mind) and Company of Heroes is no different. Some of these you’ll get through just excessive clicking on your units or when the situation calls for them but some are only accessible through the game files.

In-game Prophecy. 2045 Beware!

During the mission in Carentan, check out the graveyard behind the church and on one of the headstones that says “REPENT” states a prophecy foretelling that in 2045 something “reaches its singularity.”  Probably a reference to technological singularity. If you have no idea what that is check out the wikipedia link provided. Pretty scary stuff.

Developer’s Face Hidden In-Game

There’s more to the supply depot than meets the eye. Apparently one of the developers wanted to immortalize his face in the game and thus put this small little picture of his fact with the words “PWNED” on the supply depot. It requires a bit of wrangling with the camera but zoom in and get the position just right and you’ll see his beautiful mug. The video below will show you the way.

Big Head Mode

Not sure this is so much a easter egg or a cheat but we’ll throw it in too. To get this one to work you’ll have to gain access to the console by hitting [Control]+[Shift]+[~]. Once the console is up, enter ee_bigheadmode(1) and voila! Big head mode is now on and hilarity can ensue. Any sniper in the game must be thinking this is probably a wish come true. Brings back memories of Goldeneye on the N64. To turn it off enter ee_bigheadmode(0) and heads will return to normal size.

The German’s  Secret Weapon

Apparently the Germans had a secret weapon up their sleeves the entire time. Something so fearsome and so terrifying that if it were ever to be mass produced, I’ve no doubt we would’ve lost Word War II. Behold, the Eselschreck.

This jackass jockey totes dual Panzerschrecks anti-tank rockets launchers, Stuka bombs for artillery strikes, and the ability crap out mines. Terrifying. Utterly Terrifying. Here’s a video of it in action.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get this unit in-game unless you build it into the game, find a mod that has it, or bring it in with a cheatmod. But it does exist among the game files.

These are all the easter eggs I could wrangle up from the internet. If you guys know of any more or discover anymore through playing, please share them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list crediting you!