Duke Nukem Forever Mac Launching on August 18

written by Jas Kao on August 4, 2011 in Mac Gaming News

Duke Nukem Forever Mac banner

Roll out the red carpet for humanity’s babe-lovin’, beer chuggin’, ass-kicking savior, because on August 18th Duke Nukem Forever is bringing its style of awesomeness to Macs everywhere. Hail to the King!

In two week’s time, you’ll be able to step into the mighty boots of Duke Nukem and serve up the pain-cake to any and all aliens that threaten Earth and its babes.

And believe me, Duke is more than ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum! And, as always, he’s all out of gum.

Luckily for you, the King of Babes has been feeling particularly generous, so he’s decided to offer the digital version of Duke Nukem Forever for a new low price of $39.99.

Don’t freak if you’ve already pre-ordered the digital version, because all current digital pre-orders will be charged the lower price.  Duke Nukem knows how to treat his adoring masses.

Also, it’s still not too late to pre-order Duke Nukem Forever, and it would be unwise to refuse this gift from Duke Nukem.

To sweeten the deal, Duke has concocted a little contest for his devoted fans to win some kickass swag in the coming weeks so check back regularly for the details.