GameAgent 2.0 FAQ

Imagine a new kind of Mac gaming hub on the web. One that not only provided detailed game information, but also truly felt like home for every Mac gamer. There are plenty of places offering Mac gaming information amongst other things, but very few make it their focus. The new GameAgent 2.0 has now launched and aims to become this central hub, created by Mac gamers for Mac gamers.

Below are some FAQs about the new changes at and how they affect YOU.

What’s changed at

To put it simply, a lot!

To start, GameAgent has become more than just a Mac gaming storefront.  GameAgent 2.0 has instead become a service aimed at increasing the exposure of Mac gaming and making the game discovery process easier than ever.

To reach these goals, GameAgent is providing information on over 150 Mac games, a library that will only grow with time.  Users are able to find game descriptions, screens, videos, system requirements, and more for a large variety of Mac games, whether old, new, casual, or hardcore, and through our enhanced browsing and filtering capabilities, they’re able to find just the game they’re looking for.

Mac Match is another new feature we’ve introduced that will simplify system requirements once and for all.  By comparing users’ Mac system profiles against a game’s system requirements, Mac Match will notify users about which games will or will not work on their Mac.

We have also introducted a price comparison feature for all games.  Users wcan see the price of a game from multiple online stores, including and the Mac App Store, so they always know where to get the best price.

Other new features include Deal AlertsUser Reviews, and custom Collections.  The best way to learn more about these and other features is to sign up for a new GameAgent account and start using them today!

When will these changes go into effect?

The new site is now LIVE in open beta!

Am I still able to make purchases from

Yes!  As long as we have permission to sell a particular game, you’ll be able to purchase it through the GameAgent Store. 

What happened to my existing GameAgent account?

Now that the new site has entered open beta, all existing GameAgent accounts have been deleted.  This includes all accounts created on or before September 17.  Unfortunately, due to technical limitations there was no way to retain this information to be implemented into the updated

All users are being asked to create a new account to get the most out of the new GameAgent 2.0.  Creating a new account will provide access to all of the great new features on the new site like Mac Match, Deal Alerts, and User Reviews.  If you wish, you may use the same credentials you used previously for

Will this affect any existing orders I have placed at

No, any orders placed before or after the update will still be fulfilled without delay or incident.

However, if you have any issues or problems with an order, please contact our Support Team directly for assistance.  They can be reached via email at or by opening a support ticket at

How do I check on the status of my order once my account info is deleted?

To check on the status of an order yourself, please visit  Once there, you’ll be asked to provide the email address and last 5 digits of the credit card used to place your order.

Again, if you have any issues or problems, please contact our Support Team directly for assistance. They can be reached via email at or by opening a support ticket at

I have a question not listed above…

If you have a question about the new site and how it will impact your existing GameAgent experience, let us know in the comments below, or drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter.  We’ll answer your question to the best of our ability!