GameAgent is Getting an Upgrade

written by Russ Looney on May 20, 2016 in Mac Gaming News


GameAgent offers lots of neat services and features, like Mac Match, deal alerts, and weekly news roundups. And now one of the core features–the actual shopping part–is getting a nice a little upgrade that will make being a customer and GameAgent member even more rewarding.

We’re launching a brand new shopping cart that should make purchasing products and managing your account even simpler. The cart itself will consist of an easy two-step process: just add the product you want to the cart, then provide your credit card or payment info and click Buy. You’ll immediately be given a serial key for the product you purchased.


What’s more is that all purchases will be easily tracked through a new “My Purchases” tab. For those of you that have had the “joy” of looking up past purchase info, you’ll be relieved to hear there are no more order-specific passwords or searching through an external website. Of course, this also means all future purchases will require you to be logged into your GameAgent account so that you can check your order history and have constant access to any serial keys/Steam keys you have purchased.

GameAgent Upgrade My Purchases

Finally, we’re also moving store support completely in-house. Our own guys can respond much faster and have a lot more freedom to solve your problems than the company that had previously provided store support.

In order to get all of these fancy new upgrades working, however, we’re going to have to temporarily shut down for maintenance on Tuesday, May 24. It won’t be down for long, but if you happen to visit during this downtime, you’ll automatically be directed here to the blog until the site is back up and running.

Update: The new GameAgent improvements are now live!

If you have any questions about how the site upgrade will affect you, please leave them in the comments below, and we’ll let you know!