How To Get The Most Out of Your Civilization V: Campaign Edition Experience

written by JMatula on April 2, 2013 in Special Feature and Tips, Tricks, and Guides


So you’ve taken the plunge into the immersive world of Civilization V via the Mac App Store. You’re enjoying the game immensely, but you’ve read about some really cool add-on content like the Gods and Kings expansion that incorporates religion and espionage into the core gameplay. But just how do you get this content into your game? Instead of purchasing a separate app or piece of content like on Steam, additional content in the Mac App Store is known as “In-App Purchases.” This means you buy the additional content within the game itself. How to do this isn’t always apparent, so we’ve provided a basic, visual tutorial on how to obtain that sweet content.

Buying DLC in Civilization V: Campaign Edition

1. From the Main Menu, select DLC. 



2. Select the Buy button of the DLC you would like to purchase — in this case it’s Harold Bluetooth’s Denmark.  



3. After selecting Buy, the Mac App store presents you with a prompt for you to confirm your purchase. This prompt also displays how much the purchase is. Select Buy here to continue purchasing the DLC. 



4. The Mac App store now prompts you to sign in with your Apple ID and password.


5. Selecting “Sign In” after filling in your Apple ID information will complete the purchase. 



6. The “Buy” button for Harold Bluetooth has now disappeared from the in-game DLC menu.  



Enabling/Disabling Your DLC Purchase

The in-game DLC menu also allows you to enable or disable some of your purchases. Here’s how to do that.

1. After purchasing a DLC civilization, selecting the empty circle will enable the civilization and its scenario for play. Once a civilization is enabled, it stays enabled unless you disable it.


Note: If you are purchasing more then one civilization at a time, you will want to enable them after you have finished purchasing them. Purchasing a civilization, enabling it and then purchasing another civilization without leaving the DLC menu may disable all civilizations that you’ve just purchased. Restarting Civilization V will re-enable all DLC that was disabled.


2. Unlike a DLC civilization, Civilization V must be restarted after purchasing the Gods & Kings expansion. Just like a DLC civilization, Gods & Kings can be enabled or disabled through the DLC menu. 


3. The DLC map packs do not have to be enabled after purchase and cannot be disabled. After purchase, they can be selected under the maps category when using the advanced set up option when setting up your game. 


We know sometimes In-App purchases can be somewhat confusing or require a few extra steps, so we hope this detailed walkthrough on the process helped clear up anything vague about getting all the DLC your world-conquering heart desires. If you still have any questions on purchasing DLC through the Mac App Store or anything other question related to Civilization, please hit us up in the comments!