Music Monday: Batman: Arkham City

written by JMatula on April 1, 2013 in Music Monday


It seems fitting to feature the soundtrack to Batman: Arkham City on April 1st. It is after all referred to as April Fool’s Day, and what better day to talk about a game that features the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker? I’m sure it’s one of his favorite days, so in his honor (does he have any?!) and that of the day, let’s discuss the fantastic soundtrack to this universally acclaimed action game. Take a listen to it right below and feel the sweeping, epic orchestral music that swells from your speakers:

Anybody familiar with the stunning soundtracks to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight conducted by Hans Zimmer will find plenty to love in the pieces contained in this album. There’s that same sense of darkness and danger with an emphasis on pounding percussion and throbbing electronic beats to drive home the sense of urgency found in each track. The majority of the soundtrack is composed by Nick Arundel, who created the music for its predecessor Arkham Asylum to great results. There are also a two tracks (“A Monument to Your Failure,” and “Bring Her Back To Me”) composed by Ron Fish, best known as the drummer for surf guitar legend Dick Dale, but also as a composer for the original God of War game. Together they weave a spellbinding soundtrack.

Some of the best tracks to check out are the contemplative “It Was The Joker,” the very Zimmer-esque “How Does It Feel, Pig?” and the film-noir feel of “Refusal Will Not Be Tolerated.” There are even moments that sound like they are right out of the soundtrack to Batman: The Animated Series, especially the song “I Know What You Guys Are Thinking.” The connection with the beloved cartoon is an obvious one, since many of the voice actors from the show, as well as head writer Paul Dini played an intergal role into making this game the incredible experience it is.

Love it so much that listening on Spotify isn’t enough? This soundtrack can be purchased via iTunes here or you can get it on CD or MP3 from Amazon here.

What do you think of the soundtrack to Arkham City? Have a favorite track? Are there any game soundtracks you’d like to see us feature? Hop on the Batphone and let us know in the comments!