Music Monday: Dragon Age: Origins

written by JMatula on January 28, 2013 in Music Monday


Some games benefit immensely from a traditional orchestral score. Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins is one that certainly fits this bill. Composed by Inon Zur and performed by the Northwest Sinfonia, this soundtrack perfectly matches the epic scope of Bioware’s smash hit RPG. Take a listen to this collection of sweeping songs here:

To those that haven’t played the game or haven’t heard the soundtrack, it’s very much in similar style to Howard Shore’s soundtracks for the Lor of the Rings movies in terms of a being equal parts classical symphonic music and primitive celtic ruminations. And it’s not just us that thinks this soundtrack is great either! The song “I Am the One”  won “Best Original Song” for a video game at Hollywood Music in Media Awards. The song featured guest vocals by Aubrey Ashburn. Dragon Age: Origins also won the award for “Outstanding Music Supervision” at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

In addition to listening to it on Spotify, you can buy the soundtrack on iTunes from here or grab it from Amazon with this link.

What do you think of this soundtrack? What other games have great soundtracks that should be featured in our Music Monday feature? Let us know in the comments!