Music Monday: The Cave

written by JMatula on March 18, 2013 in Music Monday

The Cave

Usually we feature games that are either classic or have been out a while. It provides enough time to reflect on the game and music itself, affording us the opportunity of hindsight. Let’s break from that with this week’s Music Monday as we delve into the music of a game that only came out a few months ago. From the mind of Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansion, Psychonauts) and Double Fine Productions comes The Cave. Part platformer, part puzzle game, players select three characters from a stable of seven  to explore the titular Cave. This is no ordinary spelunking expedition, however. The Cave reflects the darker parts of those who enter, creating a veritable trial of the character’s psyche. It’s a fascinating concept that begs for repeated journeys with difference characters in order to learn about each’s journey. With such a cerebral game with plenty of replay value, it needs to have great music that will enhance the experience and not become tedious during multiple excursions throughout every nook and cranny. Take a listen to the subtle yet affecting music right here:

The soundtrack is composed by Brian Min, who also composed the music for Double Fine’s Middle Manager of Justice game. He’s also had a hand in the soundtracks to Might and Magic, God of War II, and Brutal Legend. The pieces are all be short, most clocking in at around or under two minutes, but quality not quantity is the name of the game here . Many tracks are brooding and mysterious, such as the “Cave Theme” with its haunting vocal chants and the tension-building “The Cave Inside the Cave.” The character themes each have their own distinct flavor that compliments the character it accompanies, such as the Bond villain-esque “Enter The Scientist” and its continuation “Nuclear Launch Detected.” Personally, the haunted carnival vibe of “Hillbilly Seven Eights” and “Hillbilly Burns” make those songs fun and twisted highlights that pick up the pace a little compared to the slow burn of most of the other tracks. To get a good taster of all the songs check out the nine minute “Credits Medley,” and DJ Cam’s remix of “Time” turns melodic elements of the game’s music into a dancefloor-worthy track if you can believe it. Overall, there are elements reminiscent of the Psychonauts soundtrack, but trade out the comic whimsy with the brooding menace of Limbo.

Enjoy the soundtrack? It can be purchased from iTunes right here.

What do you think of the soundtrack to The Cave? Are there any game soundtracks you’d like to see us feature? Think of it like entering a cave of music ideas and tell us in the comments!