Must Reads: Baldur’s Gate Comes Under Fire

written by Russ Looney on April 8, 2016 in Weekly Roundup


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The RPG Scrollbars: Story Mode (Rock Paper Shotgun)

Essentially, at any time you can flip a switch and even a Level 1 mage can suddenly wander into a Beholder’s lair and poke every single one of its eyes out without the slightest danger. You can’t die. At all. In every possible way, you render playing large chunks of the game pointless.

I entirely approve of Story Mode.

After four years, indie hit Starbound is finally heading toward full release (Polygon)

Chucklefish Games is nearly ready to launch the full version of Starbound, its procedurally generated space adventure cult hit. The Windows PC game, which launched in Steam Early Access at the end of 2013, will soon receive its next update, “the big 1.0,” according to the developer.

The Terrifying Reality Of PC Gaming (Forbes)

It’s a big world of PC gaming, outside the PS4′s walled garden in which I spend so much of my time. There is power, capability and control, all of which come with a certain price. I’m excited to press forward. But a little scared, too.

Why I love incidental dialogue (PC Gamer)

Guard: “Agh! I knew it! I knew there were ninjas here!”

Fisher: “What?”

Guard: “Yeah, you must be a ninja. How else could you sneak up and grab me like that?”

Esports accounts for more than 21 percent of Twitch viewership (PC Gamer)

Twitch and esports are very much like the proverbial chicken and egg: “Twitch was the true accelerator of the growth of esports in the West,” as Newzoo put it in a recent report, but “esports has helped Twitch grow to the massive live video platform it is today.”

Vitriol and harassment hit developers of new Baldur’s Gate expansion (Polygon)

Baldur’s Gate expansion developer Beamdog today faced a barrage of heated online criticism about Siege of Dragonspear’s inclusion of a variety of characters in a fantasy world, including a powerful woman and a trans woman.

You can now stream PlayStation 4 games to your Windows PC or Mac (PC Gamer)

It’s no secret that our gaming platform of choice is the PC, but we get it: there are some fun games on the consoles, too.

Why Sound Design In Horror Gaming Matters (Cinema Blend)

I feel like sound design in video games is vastly underappreciated. While we’re hovering over our controllers and drooling over the realistic graphics, do many of us even stop to think about the sound in a game? Probably not.

Steam’s Latest Hit, Enter The Gungeon, Kicks A Lot Of Ass (Kotaku)

Enter The Gungeon has been near the top of the Steam best-seller list for the past couple days, and I get why: it’s the type of roguelike shooter you can lose hundreds of hours to. Also the enemies are bullets. You get to kill bullets… with bullets.

‘Enter the Gungeon’ Review (PC Gamer)

Enter the Gungeon is a good shooter that underdelivers on its promise. It’s still fun, but there are better examples of the genre.