Must Reads: How to Get Your Steam Games DRM-Free (Sometimes)

written by Russ Looney on June 3, 2016 in Weekly Roundup


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GOG Now Offering Steam Users DRM-Free Copies Of Their Games (Kotaku)

Today GOG announced GOG Connect. It’s a clever use of Steam’s API that lets you link one Steam account with GOG. You’ll then get DRM-free versions of Steam games you’ve purchased.

Don’t Mess With This Motorised Patriot (Kotaku Australia)

The Motorised Patriot is one of the bigger baddies in Bioshock Infinite — and it turns out they’re no less intimidating in real life.

Seven months later, Valve’s Steam Machines look dead in the water (Ars Technica)

It’s been about seven months now since Valve officially got into the hardware business with its Steam Machines, a line of Linux-powered gaming console/PC hybrids paired with a unique dual touchpad Steam Controller. Today, we’re getting our first concrete glimpse of the impact that hardware has had on the wider market for gaming machines—and the numbers don’t look too good for Valve.

We’ve sold Minecraft many, many times! Look! (Mojang)MCMap2

‘The Sims’ removes gender barriers in video game (AP)

“The Sims” publisher Electronic Arts and developer Maxis said a free update available Thursday for “The Sims 4” will remove gender boundaries and allow players to create virtual townsfolk — or Sims, as they’re known — with any type of physique, walk style or voice they choose.

Rocket League surpasses 5M copies sold, 15M players (Polygon)

Nearly 11 months after its debut, Rocket League is still doing well: Developer Psyonix has now sold more than 5 million copies of the vehicular soccer game, reports Forbes.

Mafia 3’s Mac version confirmed (Mac Gamer HQ)

French online magazine MacG took it upon itself to ask 2K Games, the game’s publisher. 2K confirmed Mafia 3’s Mac version, and now Polygon has too.

$500 Million Pledged to Games: Thanks, Backers! (Kickstarter)

Sometime last night, one of you went and did it — pushed us over the line, hauled us up to a huge milestone: $500 million pledged to games on Kickstarter. That’s half a billion dollars pledged to a wild array of mobile games, party games, artsy games, silly games, FPSes, and MMORPGs.

Elite Dangerous patch stops AI developing WMDs (PC Gamer)

Elite Dangerous has been patched to prevent rogue NPCs developing their own hybrid superweapons. To be clear, these weren’t weapons they were crafting from recipes—the AI was building entirely new WMDs beyond the scope of Elite’s weapon tables.