New Duke Nukem Forever Mac Patch Brings Cross-Platform Multiplayer

written by Russ Looney on September 6, 2011 in Mac Gaming News

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Big news for Duke Nukem fans!  Aspyr has recently finished work on the latest Duke Nukem Forever patch, and the update should be live shortly (if it isn’t already).  The patch matches pretty much everything from the initial PC patch, including the ability to carry up to four weapons in single player. But the really kickass part?


Cross-platform multiplayer is now at your fingertips!


We’ve put together a short FAQ below (after the jump) that will hopefully answer any questions you may have.  If we missed anything, let us know in the comments!

Great–a new patch! So, uh, what’s been changed or fixed?

Here’s an official list of updates:

  • Mac-to-PC multiplayer compatibility
  • 4-weapon inventory option (single player only)
  • MP Server favorites
  • FOV can be modified
  • Change VOIP to push-to-talk (bandwidth fix)
  • VAC anti-cheat system enabled
  • Auto-aim fix
  • Blood effects on surfaces behind enemies when shot
  • Texture quality improvements
  • Fixes to prevent single player and multiplayer save data corruption
  • Leaderboard exploit fixed
  • Crash/compatibility fixes and other minor bugs

Awesome. So where do I download this patch?

The patch should automatically download and install upon launching the game via Steam.

I keep launching the game, but still no patch update! What gives?

Just give the patch a little time to make its way through the system. If you continue to have trouble updating Duke Nukem Forever, you can contact the Aspyr support team.

  • Aspyr Support on the Web:
  • Aspyr Support via email:
  • Aspyr Support by phone: 1-512-708-8100