PSA: Get New Stuff for Your Mobile iDevice!

written by Russ Looney on November 5, 2010 in Mac Gaming News

Do you have an iPhone, an iPod Touch, or an iPad?  What about two, or even all three, of them?  Well, this post is for YOU.

Aspyr’s totally rocking iOS apps these days, and after our recent interview with Mac gaming legend, Glenda Adams (go Maverick Software!), we were anxious to preach about how awesome some of our own apps are. (It’s our blog–we can do what we want)

First up? FutureU (FREE).

FutureU iOS appSome of you may recognize this game from our GameAgent store.  Well now we’ve made it way more mobile with versions available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad.  This SAT Prep Game is a painless new way to prep for the SAT. Sharpen your critical thinking skills, build relevant knowledge and reduce test anxiety with a collection of games that feature curriculum from Kaplan, the leader in SAT prep. Study on your own time and for however long you like. There is no easier – or more fun – way to become a better problem-solver, boost your confidence and up your SAT score!

Any students looking to boost their SAT scores should definitely give this game a look, especially with college applications due right around the corner (seriously, that corner will get here sooner than you know!).  It’s really a lot of fun–way more fun than your typical SAT prep course.  As mentioned above, you can set your own study schedule, which is always great, plus you get the bonus of no hand cramping from the loads and loads of writing you would be doing otherwise!  Also, it’s FREE!  You don’t have to do good on the math section to know that’s a great deal!

Walke Talke iOS appNext is Aspyr’s newest entry, the Walkë Talkë app ($0.99).  This app utilizes Apple’s new Game Center app to allow you to wireless talk with your friends.  Talk, plan and play with any of your Game Center contacts directly, AND without using any of your minutes!

Outside of these two new entries into the app market, Aspyr has three other classics you should take also take a look at.

  • Buggled ($0.99) is a fun and active game of multi-touch finger dexterity.  Ladybugs have run rampant and it’s up to you to keep those bug b!tc#3$ in check.
  • VooDude ($0.99) gives you your own personal voodoo doll. Take a picture, place it on the doll, and then go to town! You can use the accelerometer and touch screen to shake, pin, burn, and toss the doll around, all while the doll responds with true ragdoll physics.
  • FriendZoo (FREE) transforms each of your contacts into a colorful zoo exhibit, complete with a variety of animals to match up with your friends’ personalities. Tired of looking at your best friend’s face?  Turn him into a tiger!  Tired of that squawking girlfriend of yours?  Turn her into a parrot!  Wait…