Question of the Week: Where’s My Borderlands 2 Mac DLC?

written by JMatula on January 25, 2013 in Mac FAQs and Mac Gaming News


As a new addition to the blog, we’re going to make efforts to answer some of our most popular questions in efforts to bring more information to our faithful gaming fans.  This week, our topic is Borderlands 2.  We’ve seen some questions about the recent DLC releases and want to get you guys as much information as we have.

Borderlands 2 Mac DLC and owners of Season Pass:

Aspyr is hard at work on the latest DLC, Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt.  We anticipate having this available for the Mac in 3-6 weeks pending approvals.  This piece of DLC will be available to all owners of the Borderlands 2: Season Pass and available for purchase at that time.  We’ll do everything we can to expedite approvals and release, and we appreciate your patience.

If you have more questions about DLC, additional content, etc., please leave a comment so we can be sure and cover everything.

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Thank you and Happy Gaming! 

 - Aspyr