RAGE: Campaign Edition Easter Eggs

written by Jas Kao on February 20, 2012 in Tips, Tricks, and Guides

Id Software has always had a history with sneaking easter eggs into all their games and RAGE was no exception. RAGE: Campaign Edition for the Mac is chock full of easter eggs from previous games id Software had a hand in, plus a few tips-of-the-hat to some other gaming franchises. In addition to all that there were even couple of pop culture references. Some of these are pretty easy to spot through just regular play but some require a bit more hunting.

Secret Rooms

Id Software games are no stranger to having secret rooms sprinkled throughout so it came to no surprise that there were a few in RAGE. In fact there were four secret rooms for you to hunt down. Three of which are related to Wolfenstien 3D, Doom, and Quake. The last room was, of course like in a lot of their previous games, is a homage to the developers. The video below will show you where these rooms are and how to activate them.


Bobbleheads and Pinkies

Also, dispersed in the game are several collectible bobbleheads that pay homage to Fallout, Doom, and NBA player, Blake Griffin. Not entirely sure about why Blake Griffin was included but it’s pretty awesome nonetheless. Plus, there is a clever Doom reference about the Pinky demons you’d fight. The video below shows the locations of all of the bobbleheads and the Pinkies.


Doom Easter Eggs

Other than the secret Doom room there are actually several easter eggs relating to the Doom franchise throughout the game.

+When you finally get your hands on a rocket launcher in RAGE, stand still in the same spot for about 5 minutes with the rocket launcher equipped and the targeting screen will show a game of Doom being played.

+In Wellspring at the Second Chance bar, a man named Dallas will be reading the Doom Comic.

+Any of the “black mugs” you pick up will actually be a Doom coffee mug upon closer inspection.
+Next to Siri in Subway Town is a hookah with part of the Doom II cover art plastered on it.

+A bunch of boxes are labeled MIXOM in Wellspring next to Rusty, plus a Mixom building can be seen in the distance near the Dead City. This was a tool company that was featured in Doom

+Crazy Joe is wearing a Doom 3 shirt.

Crazy Joe, represent!

Quake Easter Egg

Other than the Quake secret room, there are a box of Quayola Quayons with 64 shades a brown! That’s more brown than you’ll ever need. It’s a reference to the mainstream critic that Quake featured WAY too many brown tones which I’m inclined to agree with so it’s nice to see the devs poke fun at themselves.


Other Video Game Easter Eggs

Duke Nukem 3D

When you’re at the Dead City level, if you look among the slime formations you’ll see a woman-like figure wearing a bikini that looks like the kidnapped women from Duke Nukem 3D.

Hail to the King, baby!


Whenever you pass by a bathroom, go inside and check around on the walls and you’ll see Tommy and Jenny’s devotion to each other from Prey lovingly written on the bathroom wall in.

Elementary school antics for tragic love.

Half-Life 2

A pretty obvious nod to Half-Life 2 as it recreates one of the more memorable moments of entering City 17 for the first time.


Left 4 Dead 2

Mick’s Garage in Wellsprings has a sign that has a tow truck on it that strongly resembles the tow truck on Ellis’ cap in L4D2.

Look at the tow truck! 

TV Shows Easter Eggs

Breaking Bad

Those of you who are familiar with the Breaking Bad series may recognize this. An apt easter egg considering all the product placement you saw of RAGE in a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad. I present to you Tuco’s grill.



Remember those mystical numbers that would always show up in the Lost series?


Concept Art Easter Egg

Take a careful look at the walls as you play through and you’ll see concept art in the form of graffiti from id Software’s earlier games.

Graffiti you can appreciate.

The Dopefish

Saved the best easter egg for last. The mighty Dopefish from Commander Keen. To see this easter egg, you’ll need to get to the Mutant Bash TV’s last arena and then shoot the 3 lights above the ship cutout and the mighty Dopefish will grace your presence by majestically swimming behind the painted waves. Shoot it for bonus money!


(skip to 1:02 to see the majestic Dopefish)

Well, that’s all folks! If I missed any easter eggs, let me know in the comments.

Also, if you haven’t picked up RAGE: Campaign Edition for the Mac, grab a copy over at the GameAgent Store.