RAGE: Campaign Edition (Mac) Gets Patched

written by Jas Kao on April 23, 2012 in Mac Gaming News

If you’ve been RAGING-out over some of the bugs that RAGE: Campaign Edition has, then respite has come today  in the form of a patch released by Aspyr Media’s awesome support team. This patch works with the Mac App Store version and any digital or retail version of RAGE: Campaign Edition.

If you have the a version not from the Mac App Store then head on over to Aspyr’s RAGE support page to get the patch.

Also, don’t forget that the GameAgent Store has dropped the price of RAGE to $29.99 so now’s a great time to download a copy today!

Curious to know more about what issues this patch addresses? Read the changes and fixes included in the patch below.

RAGE: Campaign Edition 1.01 Patch Notes


  • Fixed crash that would sometimes occur when loading save games.
  • Fixed Quick Save feature.
  • General performance enhancements.
  • Fixed crash from using SIMD optimized memcpy with a PBO pointer that is not 16-byte aligned.
  • Fixed progression in Dead City where player could not advance through sliding door en route to the defibrillator upgrade.
  • Fixed CPU feature detection.
  • Fixed lack of texture detail on parts of the screen at high resolutions due to limited feedback analysis buffer.
  • Re-enabled UBOs.
  • Adjustment to default VDM values for balance.
  • Fixed shadows on ATI video cards.

If you have any questions or comments about the patch then leave them below and we’ll get back to you!