Civilization V SteamOS

Aspyr Releases Civilization V on Linux for SteamOS

The idea of buying an upcoming Steam Machine or running SteamOS just got a lot better with Aspyr’s announcement that Sid Meier’s Civilization V is officially available on the Linux-based platform starting today. Aspyr Media sent out a press release with details on the SteamOS version of Civilization V, and …

Civilization V Mac OCL Update

Civilization V Gets Open CL Update for Mac Pro

Aspyr has just released a new update for Civilization V that, among other improvements, allows for 4K resolutions on the new Mac Pro. Mac gamers will now be able to fully take advantage of OpenCL framework, which means better visuals and improved performance for the critically acclaimed strategy game.  Additionally, …

Civilization V Mac icon

Music Monday: Civilization V

Welcome to Strategy Week, Mac gamers! All week we’re going to be discussing various strategy games and the aspects that make them great. Since it’s Monday, you know of course that means it’s time to focus on the music. We’ve previously discussed the incredible music of Civilization IV on Music …

Civ V Gold

Civilization V: Gold Edition Available Now!

Aspyr Media is pleased to announce the release of the latest iteration in the highly successful Civilization franchise, titled Civilization V: Gold Edition. This collection bundles together the core Civilization V game and the copious amount of add-on content that’s been released over the past few years, all for an …

Civ V Gold

Aspyr Mac FAQs: Civilization V: Gold

You may have said to yourself, “Gee GameAgent, I wish there was an awesome collection that brought together the extensive amount of Civ V content all in one neat bundle.” Your wishes become realtiy strategy fans. There’s a new Civilization V collection in town, and its name is Gold. Sid …


Tuesday’s 20%: Civilization V: Gods & Kings

Tuesday has arrived, which always means a Tuesday’s 20% deal! If you’ve been holding out to grab Gods and Kings, the amazing expansion to Civilization V that came out this summer, now’s your chance! Usually retailing for $29.99, for one day only you can get this incredible expansion for $23.99!