Must Reads: Final Bosses Are Becoming Terrible

Their Stuff Opinion – Stop Making Terrible Final Bosses (Game Informer) A sense of dread always hits me when I confront the final boss in a game. A lifetime of death and despair has conditioned me to expect the worst from these encounters – the one-hit kills, the enemy that …


Weekly Roundup: The Autumn Sale is Coming

Our Stuff 3 Simple Steps to Rock This Year’s GameAgent Autumn Sale Their Stuff Civilization Saved This Couple’s Money (Kotaku) When Alex Recker and his wife Marissa needed to get their household budget under control, they didn’t go to a financial planner. They went to a video game. World of …


Weekly Roundup: Homeworld Mac is All About Steam

Our Stuff The Final Trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Amazing Steam Version of Homeworld Remastered Collection Arrives on Mac Their Stuff Steam hardware isn’t Mac-compatible yet, and users get every Valve game as an apology (Polygon) Mac users who have pre-ordered Valve’s Steam Link and/or Steam Controller …

Heroes of the Storm characters

Blizzard Games to Adopt Metal Support

In a “blink and you’ll miss it” post in the Battle.net forums, Blizzard has confirmed what many were undoubtedly asking for: their existing (and likely future) games on the Mac will support Metal, and they will do so relatively soon. This was actually posted back in September, so apologies if I’m …

BioShock Infinite

The Best of Mac Gaming in 2013

2013 was quite a prolific year for Mac gaming. There were roughly about 250 Steam/Steam Play releases, including DLC’s. Granted, not every game is on Steam (there were a few Mac App Store exclusives such as SEGA Tennis and Sonic Racing), but it is still a good metric since the …

RTS Custom Map Experiences

I’m not a huge fan of RTS games in general.  They’ve never really been all that appealing to me.  Maybe it has to do with the amount of management that typically goes hand in hand with them, and that the beginning build phase always feels a bit boring.  I’m not …


User Submitted Review – StarCraft Mac

What makes a game great? Is it the graphics? The sound? The replayability factor? Awesome single player campaigns? Even greater multiplayer functionality? Find out what our User Reviewer, PianO, thought of Starcraft Mac from Blizzard