Nancy Drew

Weekly Round-Up: May 24, 2013

Mac Gaming News Aspyr Hosting Black Ops Weekend with Discounts and Free Games! The Remote Console app and the ability to create your own server are now available for COD: Black Ops. Warhammer 40k: Armageddon, a hex-tiled strategy game will arrive for iOS in 2014. Co-op action game Dungeonland is …

league of legends

Weekly Flashback!: League of Legends Mac Beta Client Now Available

¬† Mac Gaming News Strategy game League of Legends’ Mac Beta client is now available for download.¬† Original SimCity creator Will Wright explains how he plays the new SimCity in this great trailer. Speaking of trailers, check out the trailer for World of Warcraft update ‘The Thunder King.’ Zen Studios …

Civ V Gold

Weekly Flashback!: Civ V: Gold Edition Arrives on Mac

Mac Gaming News Civilization V: Gold Edition is now available to get all your Civ goodness in one place. Until next Wednesday, all Civ III & IV content is 50% off on GameAgent. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for OSX is NOW AVAILABLE! Get your souped-up RPG action on.


Weekly Flashback!: Original Half-Life Quietly Arrives on Macs

Mac Gaming News Valve quietly released the original Half Life on Steam for Mac earlier this week with zero press. Regardless, we’re very excited! DICE is building Mac compatibility into the next build of its Frostbite engine. Expect native ports of Battlefield, Mass Effect and Dragon Age titles in the …