Guest Post: Why Call of Duty Black Ops for Mac is a Must Own

written by MacGamerHQ on November 24, 2012 in Game Reviews and Special Feature

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More and more First Person Shooters are coming to the Mac. You can now choose among Rage, Portal 2, Borderlands and starting this weekBorderlands 2 , just to name a few. Yet, the series that defined what a modern First Person Shooter should be is Call of Duty. Aspyr brought Mac gamers everywhere much joy by bringing Black Ops to the Mac!  

Enter Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops was originally released on consoles and the PC 2 years ago. The most recent Call of Duty game available for the Mac was Modern Warfare, until Aspyr decided it was time to bring a new Call of Duty game to the Mac platform. Black Ops for Mac was released the 27th September 2012 and you can get it at GameAgent for $49.99.  

Single Player Campaign

The single player campaign takes place in the 1960s, putting you right in the middle of Cold War. You are an elite cover operative and are sent on a “globe-trotting” adventure, taking you from Cuba, to Russian and Vietnam. The single player story has an original take, as the events are not linear at all. You start the game as a captive. However, it is while being interrogated that you have flashbacks. These flashbacks enable you to relive the operative’s pivotal moments and play his different missions. Besides this, Black Ops follows the classic Call of Duty formula. The whole single player campaign will take you from set-piece to set-piece, each filled with explosions worthy of James Bond’s Skyfall. It is definitely exiting to play but all the explosions can be distracting. You cleary have the feeling that the developers were trying to make a blockbuster hollywood story first, and a genuine and engaging story later.

If you are expecting a story that will make you laugh and cry, then you may be disappointed, but if you just want to witness and experience  insane action sequences, you are going to do just fine. The other issue I found, and was brought up by many reviewers, is that the campaign is very linear. You go from corridor to corridor and most of the times enemies keep appearing until you complete a set piece. You have no freedom of choice, no options on how to tackle a situation any other way than the one intended by the developer. It would have been nice to have a little choice and follow the great examples set by Crysis or Dishonored.  


Call of Duty’s multiplayer is the series’ stronger side. Most people buy Call of Duty games just for the Multiplayer. On this regard, 

Black Ops delivers. It is a perfect example of how the Call of Duty formula works: fast-paced action, explosions everywhere, every man for himself. This is not the place to expect highly tactical firefights. This is the place to have a fun and shoot people in the face. Black Ops takes things a little further then previous COD games, introducing hundreds of customization options, more perks, and new match modes. The multiplayer is brutal and you will die a lot. However, once you get the grasp of the gameplay and the flow of the maps, you will have a lot of fun too. Black Ops tries to make things a little easier for beginners with the introduction of Combat Training, where you can learn the basics and polish your skills while playing against Bots.


Black Ops has a third mode that makes this game the most fully featured Call of Duty game on Mac yet: Zombie mode. In this mode, you can play cooperatively with up to four friends. Your mission is to survive wave after wave of Zombies. Of course, each wave is harder than the previous, making it a progressive challenge. If you want to survive for a decent amount of waves, you will most definitively need a good team. 

The Verdict

The Good

  • Over the top single player campaign with impressive set pieces
  • Addictive multiplayer
  • The most fully featured Call of Duty game on the Mac

The Bad

  • Single player campaign is very linear
  • Graphics are starting to feel outdated, as the engine has not been upgraded for a long time.

Final word: This is a great package, with a solid single player story mode, an addictive multiplayer and even a bonus Zombie killing mode. As said before, it is the most fully featured COD game you can get on the Mac. For all of you Call of Duty fans, this game is a must.   Are you planning on getting Black Ops for Mac this holiday season? Did you already had the chance to play it on another platform?