Week in Review (April 1 — April 8)

written by Rachel Burger on April 8, 2011 in Weekly Roundup

Apple the gaming giant, how to clean up your mac, and how Minecraft became a hit.

Apple Computing and Gaming

Apple patent hints at bezel displays for iPhone.
Is Apple the accidental gaming giant? Forbes says yes.
Why Epic loves Apple iOS and dislikes Android.
Will Toys R Us carry the iPad 2?
Thirty-seven percent of teens are looking to buy an iPhone.
Apple asks Toyota to quit advertising on jailbroken iPhones.
How Apple can become the next gaming giant.
How to quickly give your Mac a bit of spring cleaning.
The end of flash wars: Apple’s new Final Cut.
Chrome and Java come to iPad, iPhone, and Android via AlwaysOnPC Mobile App.
An Apple patent suggests a second display for the new iPhone.
Google joins Apple in banning GrooveShark from its App Market.
Apple updates BootCamp for 2011 MacBook Pros.
Apple iPad 2 still sold out in stores.
Analyst says that Apple  is controlling 60% of available touch panel capacity.

More Gaming Stories

Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition coming with many additives.
News on Mass Effect 3.
League of Legends S1 championship prize pool to be $100,000.
League of Legends fundraiser raises over $160,000 for Red Cross.
New details for Max Payne 3.
The improbable rise of Minecraft.
Could GameStop make its own gaming tablet?

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