Why You Should Return to Rapture: The Undeniable Merits of BioShock 2

written by JMatula on February 27, 2013 in Classic Posts and GameAgent Deals and Special Feature


Quicksave DEAL ALERT!

For the next 2 days (the last 2 days in February, 2013) BioShock 2 for the Mac is only $9.99! With a bargain like that, here’s some compelling reasons why you should explore this game:

Sequels bear a heavy burden. They are continuously compared to the original with a lot of scrutiny. Stick too closely to the formula of the first game and people view it as unoriginal or a cash grab. Veer to far from the proven formula of the first game and the audience thinks you’ve lost the plot or just used the name to nab a built-in audience. Some have succeeded with sequels: Mega Man 2, Call of Duty 2 and Civilization V are all worthy sequels. I’m here to tell you that BioShock 2 is worth adding to that list and worth your time.

Here’s a rundown of the aspects of this game that make it a must-play title:

You Are a Big Daddy


This shakes things up significantly from your standard player-controlled FPS character. In the place of human frailty of limbs is a big drill. The satisfaction of being able to lay into crazed mutant attackers with a high-powered drill and watch the gore fly is downright gleeful. Or if you’re feeling less brutal you can just whack them with it. It’s a lot more damaging than a wrench. And since you’re in a diving suit, you get to explore the ocean surrounding Rapture, which was not an option in the first game!

Brute_SplicerBigger, Tougher Baddies

The first time you laid eyes on a Big Daddy in the first BioShock, it created a sense of awe and fear. By the second game this has worn off slightly so they needed something to up the ante. Big Sisters work hard to instill that same fear. The screen goes red and a horrible screeching sound is heard. She’s near! Instead of lumbering into view, she charges toward you, guns blazing and sometimes even throwing a plasmid at you. She runs away if continually damaged and even dodges. It makes for a much more intense battle than any Big Daddy battle ever was. Brute Splicers are gruesome and should be feared too since they’re the most powerful Splicer to date.

Better Gameplay

Yes, it’s true. While the original may have a leg up in the originality department this game trumps it soundly in the gameplay mechanics. The awkward switch between plasmids and weapons is gone. Menus and item navigation feels more natural. Players are able to get more creative with how to take out their foes with an even more interactive environment sensitive to your weapons. And did I mention the lack of a ridiculous pipe game to hack Rapture’s gadgets? That practically deserves it’s own section.

Award-Winning Soundtrack

Suffice to say this soundtrack is stunning. We’d talk about it more, but we’ve already dedicated a whole article to discussing the merits of this soundtrack in a Music Monday article. Pop over to give it a read or listen to the full soundtrack for free!


While it will never have the sort of devoted deathmatch fanbase games like Call of Duty have, BioShock 2offers its own unique take on the idea, letting players take control of citizens of Rapture during its civil war, right before the whole place became the dark rundown rust bucket we love so much. Players can fight to the death in variety of modes, “Capture the Sister” and a battle it out in mode called “Adam Grab.” Aren’t you tired of the same old military combat deathmatches? Haven’t you always wanted to duke it out with your friends in a city under the sea? Lock, load and plasma up.


Certainly it will never recapture the awe we all felt when visiting the dilapidated city of Rapture for the first time, but Bioshock 2 has a lot to offer. Every fan of the original owes it to themselves to experience the fun of this game. Even if you’ve never played the first game, you’ll pick up on the story quickly. Any fan of quirky variations on the shooter genre will enjoy the satisfying mechanics of this worthwhile title. This recommendation comes from a fan of the series that’s just trying to spread the love. Since Bioshock Infinite got pushed back to 2013, now is a great time to experience this game if you haven’t already. Would you kindly check out BioShock 2?

What do you think of BioShock 2? What’s your favorite aspect of the game? Let us know in the comments!